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    Tim Kask Joins Apple Con

    It is with great honor and excitement the we announce our newest guest of honor – Tim Kask! Tim was the first employee of TSR (Gary Gygax’s company that created Dungeons & Dragons). He was an editor and game developer for TSR and worked on many of the original books in OD&D and AD&D. Tim was the editor in chief of Dragon Magazine for it’s first 33 issues. Thank you Tim for making time in your schedule to join us at Apple Con this September. Within the next week or so we will get Tim’s bio up on the guest list and add some more details. What a great way…

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    AppleCon Update

    Instead of creating a long drawn out post with text no one wants to read about what’s happening with AppleCon, I decided to pop up a quick stream and cover as many bases as possible. There are MANY moving parts to putting together a ocnvention, and here are a few of them.  

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    Game on AppleCon!

    A Day of 2E AD&D February 17th 2019 we filled The Coffee Joint in Cornish Maine to roll some dice and have some adventures. The coffee and tea were hot and the gaming was epic! I originally put together this event to see if I could come up with 3 or 4 AD&D second edition gamers to have a little fun. I needed a break from 5E and found opening the old 2E books inspiring. We didn’t expect over 20 responses and the need to call in extra DM help! What resulted was a very pleasant surprise and fun activity in the dead of winter that will continue indefinitely. Jeff…

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    AppleCon Swag!

    We are pleased to announce the official AppleCon T-Shirts and Swag!!  The skilled Chet Minton has provided us with the epic level art for the first year shirts and swag. We may have a few available at AppleCon, but this is the place to get your swag before we even get to fall! Click here to visit the Tabletop Events store and get your shirts NOW!         That’s not all! We are also please to introduce AppleCon’s own 100% handmade in Maine Dice bags! This bag measures about 8 1/2 inches tall x 5 1/2 inches wide (21.6 cm x 14 cm) and is self lined so…

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    The Date is SET!

    AppleCon Maine has an official date! September 20-22 (The weekend preceding AppleFest). The tentative schedule of events can be found HERE. We are working diligently on sponsorship and ad rates, merchandise, art and more. The community has really come together to welcome AppleCon and we look forward to some great tournaments, games, and events for 2019 and many years to come. Event submission, registration, and more is also in the works and will take some time to iron out all the details.

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    Gaming, Events, and more

    Games and Streams Today I spent some time at the Dungeon Tower Game Store in North Conway NH. While there we tried out a number of settings and discussed live streaming advantages of Twitch, Facebook, Youtube, and others. I might need a more professional take on our position of livestreaming the event and games. New Gamers We met some folks who were very excited about AppleCon and ready to sign up! It has been great to make so many new friends so fast. They have a young Dungeon Master in their house who wants to arrange games for younger players. Perhaps introduce some new players, and certainly make some new…

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    Finding venues and more

    Venue Today I visited The Inn at Cornish and had a tour of the venue and the inn. It is the PERFECT venue for AppleCon Maine, the only question is if it can fit into our budget. The year-one budget is always a mystery and remarkably tight, but the Inn has everything we want. Space, accessibility, location, and amenities. We are waiting for the inn to put together a package quote for us, we are determined to make it work.       In Other News The lovely Ms. Diamond DeVille has agreed to join us at Apple Con 2019! She is well known around New England as a burlesque…

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