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    Apple Con 2 is ON!

    OK, you CAN call it a COMEBACK!! AppleCon 2 IS happening this year, but in a limited capacity and in an unexpected way. I met with Brenden, owner of Crossroad Games and we’re all set to host AppleCon 2 in the store (on the gaming side). This comes with a few changes – We don’t have access to, or a deal with the inn at Cornish (Currently still closed) or any other hospitality accommodations. We are simply trying to recover from the pandemic world and get the wheels rolling again. The AppleCon coffers are frankly about empty, and this is how we come back. building slowly and coming back to…

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    What’s up with AppleCon 2?

    AppleCon News It’s time for an update, long overdue actually. The Cornish Inn is closed until further notice because of COVID-19. I think it’s in the process of changing hands as well. The Inn, is the core of our venue. Overhead at a larger hotel or even the fairgrounds is high, especially coming out of a pandemic. In short, I simply don’t know. I am looking for other venues, but our draw was “main street” in Cornish. Rick, who owned the inn, was very accommodating and helpful. Most of our overhead was released if we could fill the rooms at the inn, which we easily did. Other options The Fairgrounds…

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    AppleCon II Covid-19 update

      It’s Fourth of July Weekend and time to get realistic about the state of the convention, COVID-19, the world, and what is going to happen. We’ve been in a holding pattern long enough to see where things are going and sadly, it simply isn’t good. Nationally, we’re looking at huge spikes in Covid cases and Maine is about to follow suit. Locally, people are making political statements around PPE and ignoring safety measures while a number of our inner and extended group and contributors are considered high risk or immuno-compromised. It would simply be completely irresponsible for us to even attempt AppleCon II this year even if the inn…

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    Regarding Apple Con II and Covid-19

    The Cornish Inn Closed I wish all this were a terrible April Fool’s joke, but it isn’t. Some of you have noticed that The Cornish Inn has announced a closing through 2020 and has began refunding your deposits on rooms. The mandatory closures have hit the Inn quite hard as they are a small family-centered operation of only 16 rooms in a 200 year old Victorian inn. The Inn itself will be closed for the 2020 season while they assess their situation. AppleCon 2 This puts AppleCon in a difficult and unusual position. Fortunately we are SMALL and small means agile. There are a few other venues that are possible…

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    Apple Con 2 update

    Apple Con 2 IMPORTANT update!! Badge Sales OPEN – September 30, 2019 – 9AM (EST) Event Submission – November 2, 2019 – 10AM (EST) Event Registration (Reserve your seat) – July 4th – 9AM (EST) Badges – Price reduction – We are able to drop prices a bit for badges this year (overall). Early bird (Before Dec 1) are just $40 for all weekend. Regular badges are $50, day badges are $20 Friday, $20 Saturday, and $10 Sunday. Friday will start earlier for AC 2 (9am). There will no longer be comped GM badges. It became too problematic to track and maintain. We will be offering a food coupon, and…

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    AppleCon Convention Layout

    General layout has been asked about a number of times and while we are getting our new-found con legs, we have been working on the various layout elements of everything. Below you will find a rough map of the general locations of the various convention elements. Coffee Joint tables are across the street at “The Coffee Joint”.

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    Badge rates and Registration

    You may have noticed badge rates were adjusted slightly. We will not be lifting the “at the door” rate for walk-up badges. The badges prices listed now are the holding price from now on. Game Ticket Registration Registration is opening July 4th. If you want a seat in one of our VIP games, or have specific games you want to join in on the game schedule, it’s first come – first served. At this time there are 70-100 events and games happening this year. This is not counting open gaming and other special events. If you want to be guaranteed a seat at the game tables, sign up for them…

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    What is a Gaming Con? What is AppleCon?

    I’ve been fielding some questions and comments lately and it’s clear that there is a little confusion about how AppleCon works. If I may, I’d like to explain here to help out the locals in town, and new visitors understand what a Game con is and does (if they’ve not been to one before).   A game convention (of our sort) gathers together gamers (mostly tabletop variety) to play their games of choice in a fun atmosphere. We are a convention, so there is also access to special guests and members of the industry. Writers, artists, game designers, and others that work in the field. So there are a few…

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    Eye of the Beholder

    Today I chatted online briefly with Brian Stillman Director of photography of Eye of the Beholder: The Art of Dungeons & Dragons. Brian handed me a pre-release copy of the film while we were in line for badges at Gary Con XI in March. I watched the documentary and found it strikingly inspirational. I also knew we had a big screen at the Cornish Inn at our disposal. We briefly discussed screening the film in line and confirmed with his team today that we indeed have permission to do so. AppleCon will have a screening of Eye of the Beholder: The Art of Dungeons & Dragons September 20th at 4:00 PM…

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    Noura Ibrahim Joins AppleCon!

    Noura Ibrahim is an actor/ singer/ writer   She is currently cast as Jahan, the world leader of the Resistance in Niantic’s (Pokemon Go!) 2019 reboot of Ingress, a globally played ARG mobile video game and serves as a consultant for the ever evolving RPG. This spring you can find her playing Ib on Geek and Sundry’s Vampire The Masquerade: LA by Night and on 7th House’s D&D flagship stream, The Dragon Coast Survivor’s Guide. Noura earned her blackbelt is Kuk Sool Won as well as studied archery and horseback riding in Jeju-do, South Korea and is currently finishing her Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  

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