Apple Con 2 is ON!

OK, you CAN call it a COMEBACK!!

AppleCon 2 IS happening this year, but in a limited capacity and in an unexpected way.
I met with Brenden, owner of Crossroad Games and we’re all set to host AppleCon 2 in the store (on the gaming side).
This comes with a few changes – We don’t have access to, or a deal with the inn at Cornish (Currently still closed) or any other hospitality accommodations. We are simply trying to recover from the pandemic world and get the wheels rolling again.
The AppleCon coffers are frankly about empty, and this is how we come back. building slowly and coming back to full sail over time.
We will be host events OCTOBER 1-3 at Crossroad Games 15 Fort Hill Rd, Standish, ME 04084
More details to come as we get everything set up and ready to roll. We probably won’t be able to offer vendor space right now, unless something changes.
This TRULY is wonderful news, We’re so grateful for vaccinations and getting back to gaming in person. Safety measures will still be followed and we are trying to consider spacing options.
A LOT to do, more news to come as things evolve.
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