Sponsorship & Advertising

Sponsorship for local and national advertisers with AppleCon has multiple benefits. For out of state sponsors you are being exposed to a new market of tabletop gamers and fans that are eager to play games, socialize, and learn about the rapidly expanding game world. Cornish has not hosted a convention like Applecon in its long history and Main Street is becoming a bustling tourist destination with a great deal of visibility. Your presence can be connected on site, on our livestream, in media interviews and placed in the hands of gamers in the Northeast.

Locals, people are traveling to AppleCon from all over and staying in a new place in a new town and they are likely ready to explore some of the things Maine has to offer outside AppleCon. Let them know where to find your great meals, goods, amenities, and activities. This is your opportunity to become a favorite stop for visitors for many years to come.

Download the 2-page PDF sponsor info packet here.

Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities

Event Guide:  A collectible AppleCon event guide given to all attendees.  Color cover with black & white interior.
Ad Price
Inside back cover (b&w) $80 (taken)
Back cover (full color) $200 (taken)
½ page (b&w) $45
½ page (b&w) $25
Digital Sponsor:  Extend your reach to visitors around the world with an advertisement on the AppleCon website.
Ad Type Price
Digital Sponsor Page:  Small logo (300px x 300px) with 300-word description on the AppleCon website digital sponsorship page. $20
Front page sponsor (only 2 available at printing): Be seen first.  400px x 600px logo ad with a link placed prominently on the AppleCon website landing page $100
Event Sponsorship Opportunities:  Be seen every day of the event!
Type Price
Gaming hall banner:  Hang your 24” x 36” banner in The Barn gaming hall where it will be seen every day of AppleCon $75 (Need a banner? 

We can print one for an additional $50)

VIP gaming hall table sponsor: Sponsor a gaming table!  Your banner and/ or stand up ad, and flyers will be placed prominently on the game table. $100 (only one of two available)
Bar/Lounge table sponsor:  Sponsor an open gaming table in the common area with a table top ad or banner!

Tabletop Ad:  5.5” x 8.5” double sided card stock – you provide cards

Banner: 24’ x 12” (printing available for additional $35)

$75 (6 available)




Addtional advertising info –

Event guide advertising

5.5″ x 8.5″ Event guide with all games, times etc. Black & White interior, color cover, frequently kept and collected.

Digital sponsor page (website)

Small square logo (300px x 300px) with 300 word description / info block added to digital sponsor page

Front page sponsor on website (2 available)

Right on the landing page of AppleConMaine.com – Logo with link 400px x 600px

Banner advertising in general gaming area

(24” x  36” Banner hung on the wall in “The Barn” gaming hall)

  • You provide banner – Must be 24” x 36” or similar area
  • VIP Game Room table sponsor – banner flat on table, or table skirt (your choice and you provide advertising) flyers or stand ups also available.
  • Other advertising available in VIP game room, but requires free-standing ads, banners etc… that do not attach to walls.

Table Sponsors Bar / lounge

Open gaming tables in the common area / bar / lounge.

  • Table Ad (Approximate 5.5” x 8.5 double sided table card stock – you provide advert.
  • Banner (24” x 12” banner / hanger on front of table – you provide banner)

Other opportunities:

Saturday night auction –

Providing tabletop game related products, goods, collectibles etc. to be added to the AppleCon Auction (To support AppleCon’s future) will get a verbal thank you and mention during the auction which will also be a live streaming / view only event (Must be present to bid). Other accommodations available upon request.

Prizes, and awards –

Providing goods, products, and services to be granted as awards for competition winners, remarkable gamers, and tournament winners – Gets a mention at the award time, You may add a business card or flyer with product to the winner – other accommodation available upon request.

Swag Elite

Add a product, service, coupon, gamer swag, or gift for “Golden Apples” (Gamers who reserve a room at the Inn at Cornish for BOTH DAYS)  – add your company info / flyer with your contribution.

* You must provide 15 identical items (One for each bag should all rooms be rented double days)

If we don’t use all 15 bags, the contents roll over into other Inn guest rewards, and then the prize pool.

Swag Standard

Add a product, service, coupon, gamer swag, or gift for all Inn Guests (Gamers who reserve a room at the Inn at Cornish for at least one day)  – add your company info with your contribution.

If we don’t use all contributions, the contents roll over into other Inn guest rewards or Con swag, and then the prize pool.

Con Swag

Add a product, service, coupon, gamer swag, or gift for all AppleCon attendees – add your company info with your contribution.

The exact number of these is difficult to target on year one before badge sales begin. Plan on a minimum of 50.

Something Else?

If you would like to sponsor / advertise at AppleCon Maine in some other way, let us know.

  • A personal appearance?
  • Run a VIP game?
  • Provide goods / services to our guests?
  • Sponsor / run events at your own table all weekend?

Let’s talk. You may use our contact form or email [email protected]