AppleCon II Covid-19 update


It’s Fourth of July Weekend and time to get realistic about the state of the convention, COVID-19, the world, and what is going to happen. We’ve been in a holding pattern long enough to see where things are going and sadly, it simply isn’t good.

Nationally, we’re looking at huge spikes in Covid cases and Maine is about to follow suit. Locally, people are making political statements around PPE and ignoring safety measures while a number of our inner and extended group and contributors are considered high risk or immuno-compromised. It would simply be completely irresponsible for us to even attempt AppleCon II this year even if the inn were to suddenly reopen. A different venue doesn’t resolve the issue and infact, would only make the burden of financial overhead larger.

I am sorry to say, AppleCon II is completely cancelled for 2020. 


Money from badge and booth sales are spent way ahead of the con on promotional items and overhead costs (Website, promotional items, banners, etc). In short, the coffers are just about scraping bottom. Not so much that we can’t have another Apple Con but enough that refunding everyone simply isn’t possible. We’re looking at ways to possibly bolster AppleCon coffers with it’s own unique kickstarter, products, or some other offerings. Working with the Cornish Inn keeps our overhead low so we can get the wheels turning again and should be able to pick up where we left off in 2021 (provided all is safe).

The Plan

The current plan is to simply move the dates for AppleCon II to October 1st – 3rd 2021. This way we can keep our current artwork, attendees can keep their current badges, vendors can keep their current booths and we’re just waiting an extra year to come together and call it AppleCon II. Hopefully, things will be safe to gather again by October 2021. If you absolutely need your badge or table refunded, I understand. This situation has created hardships for many of us. I ask that you contact me directly at AppleConMaine(at) if you need to be refunded and I will do my level best to draw from my personal account to get you what you need. Please be patient with this process, I’m doing the best I can with the situation.

Virtual Con

There was talk about a virtual con. In fact… EVERYONE is having virtual cons…EVERYWHERE. A LOT of virtual cons have popped up in the last few months and the market is simply flooded with one every other week. For this reason, I think that trying to operate a virtual Apple Con would simply be an exercise in futility and we’d be lost in the vast ocean of virtual cons. The majority of our appeal is coming to Maine, picking apples in the fall, eating lobster, and being physically present.

If you or your group feel like you can manage a virtual AppleCon from beginning to end, I am listening and can get behind the idea. Right now it’s not a ship I personally feel ready to captain and don’t have the resources to push forward on that front.

AppleCon Future

So where we would be planning Applecon 3 we will be having Applecon 2. The future holds bright for the con and we will be cheering the Inn at Cornish to reopen in 2021 and continue on. Right now, we’re all hopeful, but realistic. If the Inn cannot reopen in 2021, we will then start considering other venues seriously. There aren’t a lot of inns and hotels around this area, but Mainers are used to a little struggle to get by.

Please everyone stay safe, keep your distance, and game on.

~Lloyd Metcalf
(FailSquadGames & AppleCon)