Finding venues and more


Today I visited The Inn at Cornish and had a tour of the venue and the inn. It is the PERFECT venue for AppleCon Maine, the only question is if it can fit into our budget. The year-one budget is always a mystery and remarkably tight, but the Inn has everything we want. Space, accessibility, location, and amenities.

We are waiting for the inn to put together a package quote for us, we are determined to make it work.




In Other News

The lovely Ms. Diamond DeVille has agreed to join us at Apple Con 2019! She is well known around New England as a burlesque dancer, model, performer, and Ducati aficionado.  To our minds, she is a local celebrity and we are honored to have her join us. We hope to invite her to host a couple live stream interviews, join us for a meet & greet, and share some of her glow with AppleCon.





Today I (Lloyd)  spoke with Dungeon Tower Game Store in North Conway, NH. Sway is ready to help us organize a Magic the Gathering Tournament and some introductory games. This is good news for MTG players. Have no fear D&D gamers, we have PLENTY of games lined up for you, wargames, boardgames and more.


This has been a conversation since day one to make things possible. Luke Gygax from Gary Con and a few others have already committed to being sponsors of AppleCon. We don’t want to stop with game companies and conventions though, AppleCon is about community. We are working diligently on sponsorship packages for local businesses that include:

  • Being incorporated into adventures
  • Grabbing Adspace in our Event Guide
  • Banners in the gaming space
  • Table sponsors
  • VIP gaming event sponsors
  • On-site vending
  • Much more.


Today we also began planning for an auction. This is a staple at many conventions and we are considering the first few years having the proceeds benefit the next year reservation at the inn. After the budget stabilizes, we plan on turning this event profits into a charity event. Nothing has been decided in this arena but it’s likely there will be an auction of some sort that includes RPG collectibles and items.