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Games and Streams

Today I spent some time at the Dungeon Tower Game Store in North Conway NH. While there we tried out a number of settings and discussed live streaming advantages of Twitch, Facebook, Youtube, and others. I might need a more professional take on our position of livestreaming the event and games.

New Gamers

We met some folks who were very excited about AppleCon and ready to sign up! It has been great to make so many new friends so fast. They have a young Dungeon Master in their house who wants to arrange games for younger players. Perhaps introduce some new players, and certainly make some new friends. THIS is why we have to make AppleCon real!


We pulled in another important sponsor today in GameHoleCon. Right now we aren’t sure in what capacity because we have the REALLY BIG job ahead of us this week of putting together all the sponsorship and advertising opportunities for local and national folks who are interested.

More than one joint?

It was suggested before and I back-burnered the idea having the con at multiple locations, but the Coffee Joint has been such a cool place and supporter of the arts and our idea, that we might be holding some special Magic the Gathering events in the Coffee joint. (Not determined yet – but we love you Coffee Joint!)

The Inn at Cornish

I can’t stress this enough about the Inn at Cornish: There are only 16 rooms there. but 15 of them we HAVE to fill. So if you are traveling to Cornish to join us, consider staying at the Inn. They will be offering a discount AppleCon Rate, the room includes breakfast every day, and is in the heart of the Cornish community, antique shops, restaurants, and fall foliage.
More on this later.

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