Tim Kask Joins Apple Con

It is with great honor and excitement the we announce our newest guest of honor – Tim Kask! Tim was the first employee of TSR (Gary Gygax’s company that created Dungeons & Dragons).
He was an editor and game developer for TSR and worked on many of the original books in OD&D and AD&D. Tim was the editor in chief of Dragon Magazine for it’s first 33 issues.

Thank you Tim for making time in your schedule to join us at Apple Con this September. Within the next week or so we will get Tim’s bio up on the guest list and add some more details. What a great way to head into spring!

We are starting Apple Con with a guy who was integral in getting D&D started! So if you want to meet a Dungeons & Dragons legend, you don’t need to go beyond Cornish Maine this fall!

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