Noura Ibrahim Joins AppleCon!

Noura Ibrahim is an actor/ singer/ writer and the Co-Founder and Producer of the WotC partnered 7th House Studios- a new Hollywood livestream studio focused on improving lives through gaming. 

She is currently cast as Jahan, the world leader of the Resistance in Niantic’s (Pokemon Go!) 2019 reboot of Ingress, a globally played ARG mobile video game and serves as a consultant for the ever evolving RPG. This spring you can find her playing Ib on Geek and Sundry’s Vampire The Masquerade: LA by Night and on 7th House’s D&D flagship stream, The Dragon Coast Survivor’s Guide. Noura earned her blackbelt is Kuk Sool Won as well as studied archery and horseback riding in Jeju-do, South Korea and is currently finishing her Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine.



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