What’s up with AppleCon 2?

AppleCon News

It’s time for an update, long overdue actually.

The Cornish Inn is closed until further notice because of COVID-19. I think it’s in the process of changing hands as well. The Inn, is the core of our venue. Overhead at a larger hotel or even the fairgrounds is high, especially coming out of a pandemic.

In short, I simply don’t know. I am looking for other venues, but our draw was “main street” in Cornish. Rick, who owned the inn, was very accommodating and helpful. Most of our overhead was released if we could fill the rooms at the inn, which we easily did.

Other options

The Fairgrounds are an option at $1,000 for a weekend, however, reserving it ahead needs to happen asap. They don’t provide amenities, tables, chairs, or places to sleep. Options for beds is our biggest  sticking point with ALL of the options. People flying in from all over the country need clean friendly places to stay.

I am completely open to ideas on this, especially if you have a connection with someone in the hotel service business. We have considered North Conway as well.
The issue we face with a proper hotel is the HUGE overhead required to host an event. We could easily hit an $8,000 to $10,000 deficit quickly. A debt I simply can’t take on if we face a short fall.

Thinking Small

To help address all these issues, we are reconsidering size. AppleCon started as a game day at the local cafe called, “The Coffee Joint” .Maybe that’s what we need to go back to. Or find some similar location with a little extra space.

Again – We’re open to ideas, thoughts, comments, suggestions, and help.

Let’s keep this con and community alive!  (We can find a solution)