WE LOVE Vendors at AppleCon. A game con isn’t a game con without swag and cool new stuff! We do have a few rules and expectations that we ask you to review before applying to be a vendor.

  • Vendor hours are Game Barn hours Friday noon through end of gaming. Saturday and Sunday 8am to end of gaming.
  • Setup is Friday afternoon 10AM. Thursday evening possible if you make arrangements.
  • If games run long, enough, vendors require it, or we absolutely NEED the game tables, we may keep the barn open longer.
  • Outdoor Vendors : It’s Maine – weather happens. If you need a canopy or amenities other than a table and chair, bring them with you.
  • Outdoor vendors: Your booths are NOT secured at night. If you contact AppleCon staff, we may make accommodations to store some goods inside overnight.
  • Applications: We require applications to vend at AppleCon. Preference is given to RPG and Gaming related vendors.
  • AppleCon is founded and headed up by an artist. PLEASE be sure you have legal rights to sell the IP Merch at your tables. Some slight infractions happen, but ‘fan art’ merch can cause more issues than it’s worth for the artist and the venue.
  • Each Vendor Booth is a full weekend badge with one observer badge (for booth assistant)
  • Tables and 2 chairs are provided in your “general 8′-10′ square space.
  • Spaces are marked off on the floor.
  • A board is provided around the outside of the Game Barn to hang banners, ads, and whatever you like. Please try to keep screws, nails etc, in this board only. Check with AppleCon staff if you have questions or need other arrangements.
  • Leave the walkway clear, we ask that you not obstruct views of other booths, game tables or traffic with advertising, banners, etc.
  • The ceiling is about 8.4′ high. plan accordingly
  • LiveStream Booth – It’s tempting to sign up for Livestream time and just make a commercial. We understand this, but ask that you not just do a long plug for your business or booth. Provide information that is of use to viewers. Box-open a game, introduce viewers to the rules of a game, talk about production or content of value to gamers, tell a story. Then end with a short plug.
  • This is year one. As we fail and move forward through AppleCon – some things might change. Please bear with us while we get our sealegs on year one. If you have any issues, find a staff person we will do our best to make everything flow.

Please note: We aren’t liable for your products and equipment at the con. The gaming hours are going to be long and we are sensitive to what that means. There is space to store goods at the back of the barn. We also have security staff on site watching the area. When gaming is done for the day and the barn is empty, we will be locking the barn.

The rates for badges and vendors are listed below: