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    Game on AppleCon!

    A Day of 2E AD&D February 17th 2019 we filled The Coffee Joint in Cornish Maine to roll some dice and have some adventures. The coffee and tea were hot and the gaming was epic! I originally put together this event to see if I could come up with 3 or 4 AD&D second edition gamers to have a little fun. I needed a break from 5E and found opening the old 2E books inspiring. We didn’t expect over 20 responses and the need to call in extra DM help! What resulted was a very pleasant surprise and fun activity in the dead of winter that will continue indefinitely. Jeff…

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    Finding venues and more

    Venue Today I visited The Inn at Cornish and had a tour of the venue and the inn. It is the PERFECT venue for AppleCon Maine, the only question is if it can fit into our budget. The year-one budget is always a mystery and remarkably tight, but the Inn has everything we want. Space, accessibility, location, and amenities. We are waiting for the inn to put together a package quote for us, we are determined to make it work.       In Other News The lovely Ms. Diamond DeVille has agreed to join us at Apple Con 2019! She is well known around New England as a burlesque…

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