Our Staff

Raven Metcalf

I am a freelance illustrator living in Maine. I have contributed to many Twitch streams, and been commissioned to provide art and animations to many channels.

I am an on-staff artist for Fail Squad Games, and contributed art to a number of Pacesetter games products including the cover art for their B/X box reboot. I have also been published by Frog God games and always open to new commissions and projects.

Follow me on Twitch ; https://www.twitch.tv/lolilocks
My website is ; https://lolilocks.wixsite.com/commissions

    Lloyd Metcalf

    Lloyd Metcalf is an American illustrator, tabletop roleplaying game designer, writer, and producer that is connected to much of the OSR (Old School Renaissance) gaming world. His interest in gaming started in the early 1980’s with the Dungeons & Dragons BECMI, then later Advance Dungeons & Dragons system.

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      Herman Sims

      Herman Sims began playing his first game of D&D in his early teens when given the basic set as a Christmas gift. Since he was the only one in his small mid-west town who had ever even heard of it, he became the defacto DM. From then on the shenanigans continued. Read full biography...