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Mike Noe

Mike Noe stumbled into the miniatures industry in the summer of 1982, when a RPG buddy asked him if he’d be interested in a two week temporary job at Ral Partha hand stamping serial numbers into a limited edition dragon mini, and he never left.  He went from temp to caster, then ran the packing department, then became factory manager. He stayed on at Partha through two transfers of ownership and, when Partha was absorbed by WizKids, got the chance to break away with some partners and resurrect the pewter lines as the principal owner and president of Iron Wind Metals, producing minis for BattleTech, Shadowrun, Ral Partha Classic Fantasy, and Chaos Wars, as well as doing contract work for a number of other miniatures lines. In his limited spare time he does informal medieval re-enactment and boffer combat, holds office in a motorcycle rights organization, writes a bit for Chaos Wars, does the occasional wedding as a minister of the Universal Life Church, and wrangles a menagerie of dogs, cats, a tarantula, gecko, snapping turtle, and a wife, one of which is more challenging than the rest, although he’s not saying which.