Jay Libby

Jay Libby (Artist, Designer, Writer) is the jack-of-all trades in the gaming industry. He’s been in the pen and paper industry since 2001, having cut his teeth on the Action! System (Gold Rush Games) and worked on products like Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space: Aliens and Creatures (with work appearing in the 10th Doctor Sourcebook) by Cubicle 7. Jay is the mastermind behind the hit super hero RPG: G-Core (Bamfsies 2014 Player’s Choice Award winner). He touts his 80+ releases for G-Core as his crowning achievement, with many more in the wings including Stairs of the Immortal: Swords & Wizardry edition. Jay is also quick to acknowledge that it’s his fans that are really the backbone of his creativity and motivation. In addition to his company Dilly Green Bean Games (co-owner with Jason Amerkanian), Jay has been on retainer with R. Talsorian games since 2002 working on product lines like Cyberpunk v3, Mekton Zero and the big G. Jay has also worked for Dougie Poirier on Thunder! RPG and Fireside Creations (Stephen Lee’s baby). And the list keeps on growing. Jay was also a contributing writer for Top Secret: New World Order. When not designing games, Jay is teaching communications and college writing at one of the local colleges. He also enjoys kicking his wife’s butt (the editor of his products) at Columns and other classic Sega puzzle games.

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