Ibrahim, Noura

Noura Ibrahim is an actor/ singer/ writer from Los Angeles, California. She is currently cast as Jahan, the world leader of the Resistance in Niantic’s (Pokemon Go!) 2019 reboot of Ingress, a globally played ARG mobile video game and serves as a consultant for the ever evolving RPG.

You can find her playing Ib on Geek and Sundry’s Vampire The Masquerade: LA by Night and on the new Dungeons and Dragons livestream Have Dice Will Travel. This summer she appeared on Ten Candles, an RPG on Geek And Sundry with Game Master Ivan Van Norman, and played Lady Macbeth in the first ever Shakespeare in the Pool  Los Angeles production of Macbeth. Noura earned her blackbelt is Kuk Sool Won as well as studied archery and horseback riding in Jeju-do, South Korea and is currently finishing her Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  

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