Diamond DeVille

Who is Diamond DeVille?

On the surface, Diamond is a burlesque performer, a goth/alternative/pinup model. Not all Diamonds are the same, there are more cuts and markings than what can be seen with the naked eye.

All Diamonds first start out as a chunk of coal, which in time under pressure, are shaped into the sparkly Diamond you see today. Miss DeVille was born and raised in small town Maine. Since the age of 4 Diamond was on stage performing various styles of dance and theater. Her favorite always being tap.

When not in tights and a leotard she would spend her free time hanging out in the garage with her father, tinkering on either a snowmobile or that old 3 wheeler. Fast forward to today and Diamond has been performing burlesque for 8 years, first starting out as a member of Lady Luck Burlesque before becoming a solo artist. She also is an avid motorcycle enthusiast. Obsessed with her Ducati Monster she calls “Igor”. Diamond has also entered the world of cosplay. It makes sense with her love of dressing up. She admits to still being a “newbie”, but loves learning and growing in her geekdom.

Diamond is most known for cosplaying Harley Quinn and Cruella DeVille. She also has ties to the Sean Murphy’s Batman White Knight series (posing for the artist as NeoJoker).

As far as the gaming world goes, she is still quite new to it. She always loved puzzles and simple board games as a child, but just hasn’t had the chance to dive into the more in-depth games. Diamond is very excited to be a part of Apple Con, and hoping to learn a few new games before the weekend is out.

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